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Re-igniting, Re-newing, Re-growing: The Seed

“The hardest part of ending is starting again” – Linkin Park (Waiting for the end) – A line from one of the saddest yet beautiful songs that Linkin Park has released. I rate them as one of the greatest lyricists when it comes to giving the hurting soul a microphone with which to sing out its tragedies and sing about hope for the battered Self. Besides that though, it brings a message that is loaded with so much truth; that life may not always go along with our plans and we might find ourselves in a completely new reality and then we have to start again and we have to be again; breathe again; walk again and believe that things will be okay again.

For most of my life, the only real “re-birth” that I had to face was waking up in the morning. Everything else followed a comforting regular pattern, which contributed to my sense of calm and joy, gave me ample time to be myself and pursue what makes me happy. Be it art, academics, writing, music – I lived in my own perfect world, a perilous “virtual reality” because the day I had to face true reality I crumbled. Dreams shattered, life questioned, strength stripped, Earth shaken and a need for questioning and rebuilding.

So how do we do it? When Dream A crumbles how do we find Dream B when we didn’t even know that it existed? I believe that sometimes it may take us a while to find our purpose and if we are lucky enough to notice it, the pressures of society and family will sometimes make us suppress what is our rightful path.

How sad is it when most of us simply toss our dreams aside to pursue what is deemed as worthy by the world? Because how can you pay your bills with your art, feed your children with your dance and waste an intelligent mind on poetry? But how dare we listen to people that will not have to live out the rest our lives and take each breath with or even for us till the last. Maybe we need to put the onus on what our future will look like on us instead of who has the biggest opinion.

And sometimes existence will realise how great your purpose is that it will close off your current path and force you take another or lie there hoping that things will change: the former is what is required of us.

Change is not always brought about by our actions or fate, but sometimes it is simply a sad case of tragedy and pain. Be it losing a loved one, suffering an accident, contracting a deadly disease, losing all that you possess…the list of possible natural disasters are endless. When we find ourselves plunged to the ground, stripped naked and void of all that we once were, it is then that we start seeking strength from what matters most, and what cannot be destroyed and that is inner-strength. I appreciate challenges because if life was one plush journey of bliss what growth or meaning would we ever be able to add to our lives? Maybe sometimes we need to acknowledge our weakness in order to find our strength. I for one have been told that I fear my strength because I will focus on what I CANNOT do instead of what I CAN. This fear of the strength and faith that can move mountains is just as dangerous as the devotion we give to our weak points.

If skin cells can multiply and repair damaged skin, I believe that our hearts, souls, spirits and minds can recover from our past hurts too. Yes, the skin aches after the burn and we think we may never really look or feel the same again, but we have to continue to wash and clean the damaged flesh, and apply healing ointment and salve to soothe it till it heals. The same is with the damaged Self, it may hurt but if we trust in healing and make an effort to re-ignite ourselves we will rise again.

Let’s have a great week! 🙂

THOUGHT: A seed can grow into a tree, burn down, get cut down but if it just finds solace in the ground again, it can grow again. We are all seeds.

QUOTE: “Keep seeding, not only where it is most likely to grow, but also in seemingly impossible places… Many of us have seen a tree, a flower break through solid rock” – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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Happy Monday :)

Is it a coincidence that the day I blog about new beginnings I change my blog site too? Lol it is quite funny though.

It all started about 10weeks ago on , a weekly dose of good morale and inspiration to live a more positive and happy life, committed to the awesome things that life has in store for each of us and to rise above our mistakes, past pain and failures.

I believe our lives have enormous potential only if we tap into that well of inner blessings and strength.

To inspire and be inspired. This is what makes life amazing.
Commit to it!