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Committing, Celebrating and Growing through Life

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Whether it is the consistency of smooth batter or a sack of nails, we need to find what defines us and stick to it, we need to begin and keep going. It all begins with a decision.

The dictionary defines consistency as: Conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness… Consistency is clear then a decision to do something and commit to it with little variation.

What sparked this in my mind is a project that I’m working on. And, as with any big project it brought about with it some major hurdles.

As human “becomings” we are quick to claim fame that we reckon should be rightfully ours, totally dismissing the fact that with any great reward comes great sacrifice. And nature, being the diligent teacher that it is, begins teaching us this vital lesson from a very young age. If you look back, let’s say you can remember that far, how many times did you as a kid try to take your first steps only to go hurtling to the ground time and time again. How many times did you TRY? We don’t need to remember the exact number of tries but we all know it took determination and consistency of taking that 1st step and making it successful then the 2nd.

If we look at life in the same light. Look at every challenge as the 1st step to enable us to make the 2nd, and the 3rd…we can embrace consistency and commit to our purpose.

There will always be hurdles and boundaries that almost disarm the will to carry on. Persist though, persist until your consistency becomes a habit and your fear shrinks into a corner where it belongs.

Your inner voice should be louder than the outer chaos. Your dreams larger than the obstacles before you.

Commit then. Commit to your life. Daily.

🙂 let’s have an amazing week!


Big feet and Small hearts

“Giving him your heart to stand on will never make a man out of him, just a taller boy”- Jasmine Mans & Alysia Harris, My 2 favourite poets.

I stumbled on this quote yesterday as I was doing research on these two ladies. Ofcourse, it was one of those “mmmhh” moments. When even the brain itself takes a second to pause and say “wow, I did not think of that…but it makes so much sense” then it does what it does best and rewinds to every single moment, scenario and story that relates. Picking the heart apart and saying: you ought to be a bit more cautious.

I am not going to make this a sexist declaration of how victimised we as women are because I know that vulnerability and self-sacrifice spreads beyond gender barriers. But, what makes us think that giving more will make us receive more? If the world worked that way then we would all be happy and safe. Not to say that we should not give our hearts but I say give cautiously and give where it is nurtured.

We tend to think that we can “change”people, we think that we can “earn” affection, loyalty, commitment or love by sacrificing more of ourselves. The “We” I speak of are the “feelers”of the world, the “We”s that inspired Shakespeare to create the phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve”. I am one and I have come across some and cupped my aching heart in my hands because we need to balance the war between emotion and logic.

Love is never earned. It is not a wage that you should labour for, it is not a trophy for good behaviour, or a medal for coming first. Love is given freely so how then can you place your heart on an altar as a sacrificial lamb? Perhaps we need to define “love”a bit better and understand what we deserve a bit clearer.

I know women and I know men that have been trampled upon and reduced to ashes only to re-group and continue to be a step ladder for someone to stand taller. Big feet and small hearts – these two should never know eachother. Cherish your heart for out of it stems life and your very breath. Protect your worth and self-respect because it is the very robe that clothes your soul and shields your mind. Whether it is family, a lover, friends, a boss, colleagues, in business, a stranger or even an enemy: Your heart is not something to stand on.

Take responsibility for your wellbeing and guard your soul.

Life is Amazing. Commit to it 🙂

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colours!! :)

I am an absolute sucker for amazing imagery and colour. Given the task to find a training company for a course my manager and I had to, I picked not only the company with the most comprehensive learning material but also the coolest marketing. That being said, they are called VeryCoolIdeas.

Companies put in a lot of effort into branding themselves and identifying WHO they are and WHAT they stand for. They are clear about WHY they are here and who they want to impress and who they’re not targeting. It is a difficult process in this cut throat business world but it reaps great rewards.

So this thought just came to me and I wondered why we as individuals cannot do the same with our Person and our Personal Identity. To know who we are and what we stand for, identify the people that matter and the people’s who’s opinions are not on the NB list.

Because if you know your brand well and have established it in your heart so well, nothing can sway you. Nothing can bring about enough self-doubt to topple you. And, for people to believe in you as an individual you have to believe in Self first and foremost.

Random thoughts on a hot Friday afternoon. I could go on forever.

Let’s stay Committed. Life is amazing.


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One of my friends had me stop dead in my tracks a few days ago. Basically she commented on how strong I am and how I seem to have no faults. I couldn’t stop the stinging in my eyes and surely, the tears welled up and I started sobbing. Again. And I say “again” because somehow this period of weakness crawled through my strong character and unmovable, undefeatable disposition and found my fragile point, then, rested upon it for days. So there I was picking at my faults and questioning my existence, brushing my successes aside and dissecting my failures. Yes I see the good but what about the bad? It’s quite true, we are our own worst enemies and harshest critics. And ofcourse, how we view ourselves will always affect how we force other people to see us. Yes they may have their personal views but we will pluck out their eyes, delete their opinion and insert our own insecurities in their minds and yes force them, to see us through our own eyes. Crazy! But we do it.

So within my wallowing in self pity I asked myself then where this person was that people see and how come she only appears to me in those special moments when the moon is shining just right and is aligned perfectly with my star? The wisdom we preach; the opinions and teachings we share; the seeds we fortify and refreshing water we sprinkle on whithering sprouts: How come we cannot remedy ourselves and be our own teachers? I questioned myself. Why do I say but never do? Hope but never step out in that faith? The simple answer would be that I may be honest with the world but I am never honest with myself. We can never build others until we reinforce ourselves with the same concrete and steel rods that we so happily supply.

Talk is cheap. It builds a weak life not worthy of any breath. The challenge here then is that we know what’s right, we know what’s best for us and everyone around us; We know which path to take but we think speaking about it will suffice. The challenge then is to take action. To stop talking and just do, to stop dreaming and just be.

As seedlings that sprout and start to grow rootlets that anchor themselves in the ground, lets make sure that we are anchoring in the right place and that as we share our sun with our neighbour/s we musn’t forget to pursue our own photoynthesis.

Talk is cheap. It’s time to do. Make your breaths worth taking.

Stay committed 🙂