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Committing, Celebrating and Growing through Life

colours!! :)

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I am an absolute sucker for amazing imagery and colour. Given the task to find a training company for a course my manager and I had to, I picked not only the company with the most comprehensive learning material but also the coolest marketing. That being said, they are called VeryCoolIdeas.

Companies put in a lot of effort into branding themselves and identifying WHO they are and WHAT they stand for. They are clear about WHY they are here and who they want to impress and who they’re not targeting. It is a difficult process in this cut throat business world but it reaps great rewards.

So this thought just came to me and I wondered why we as individuals cannot do the same with our Person and our Personal Identity. To know who we are and what we stand for, identify the people that matter and the people’s who’s opinions are not on the NB list.

Because if you know your brand well and have established it in your heart so well, nothing can sway you. Nothing can bring about enough self-doubt to topple you. And, for people to believe in you as an individual you have to believe in Self first and foremost.

Random thoughts on a hot Friday afternoon. I could go on forever.

Let’s stay Committed. Life is amazing.


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Author: Candice Mncwabe

Thinker, feeler, Writer and aspiring healer. I am a slave to comfort and bliss, and believe that our dreams are our soft pillows when the world is too harsh. I sleigh dragons in my sleep and fight battles when I am awake. I believe in the power that resides in every human being and that if we just empower and strengthen eachother - we can build powerful nations of phenomenal people. Life is Amazing. Let's commit to it. :)

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