Committing To Life

Committing, Celebrating and Growing through Life



I am pretty sure that rocks that lay miles beneath the ground we tread, lie there in absolute agony wailing and cursing from the heat and the pressure they endure so they may become diamonds.

I am also pretty sure that there have been billions of caterpillars over the centuries that have looked upon their reflections on droplets stuck on leaves, and become absolutely repulsed by the image that stared back at them with huge marble eyes. There have been plenty of them that silently embarked on their daily journeys in dense bushes looking at butterflies and birds in absolute painful envy.

Imagine if the rock had cursed the Gods for the pain and the caterpillar lurched itself on a sharp thorn in order to end its agony? Both oblivious to the test that they were meant to endure, the growth they had to go through, the slow transformation they had to undergo in order to become the marvelous creations they were meant to be.

The strength and resilience of a diamond is only brought about by the pressure and heat that forms it from a rock. Let alone the process it has to go through to get extracted from the rock face in which it is embedded.

I, Like every other human, gets discouraged easily and starts questioning the worth of one’s life when “the going gets tough”. I also allow the weight of my worry slow me down in doing what I am meant to do in order to become what I am destined to be. Yet within it all I can always look back at experiences and see them as preparation, as tests, as trials and test-runs.

I don’t think we can ever become what we are destined to be if our resilience is not tested, our thinking isn’t challenged, our hearts aren’t destroyed and reconstructed, our will strengthened and our vision enhanced. I am learning that there are no mistakes only lessons. There are no hardships, only trials and test-runs. Continually taking ourselves to the drawing board and seeing where we can improve this model called “Self” so we can equip ourselves FULLY for where we are meant to get.

I have said before that there is an entity within all of us that is so eager to Live, not live, but to Live fully and truly. The entity that knows our aspirations, our dreams and most importantly our enormous potential. Listen to it when you feel like the pressure is too great or you will never bloom into a beautiful winged creature.

I am just lucky. I know that I am blessed beyond measure, beyond what I can truly fathom. I am lucky to have people that wipe my tears away without them even noticing. And I know it is the same for everyone else.

We are blessed so we may be blessings some day. We are inspired so we may inspire others. We are healed so we may also stitch other people’s wounds together. I just think our purpose is too great to not be acknowledged.

Whether you are still a rock or a caterpillar, please persevere. Understand that your journey is not worthless. Your life is worth the effort you put in to keep you going.

Stay Committed.