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Gay Pride & Bravado

I immediately lose respect for a man who makes it a point to bash homosexual men. What point are you really trying to make? Does it make you feel like a better man by slandering men that have been brave enough to stand in the cold and painful gust of society’s judgments and religion’s doctrine and admit that they are who they are and proud?

I am not gay nor am I man but I respect people who are honest enough to be what and who they are and stay true to that amidst even the toughest judgments. Speak to depressed patients, abused people, divorcees, people who have lost their jobs from speaking the truth or being gay! etc. Can we get Edward Snowden’s opinion on this actually? It really isn’t easy to stand by your truth in a world that’s highly superficial and judgmental.

And so I ask myself what gives us the right to decide what standards someone has to live their lives by when we struggle to maintain our own routines and values? If we are to get into a “religious debate” then please dedicate your life to one of celibacy, non-judgment, unconditional love and giving, Godly devotion and utter perfection before you give your opinion. If we are going to slander gay men because it is “a sin” then by all means let’s, but can this judgment be ruled by the purest person on this earth? The one who has not committed even one sin? It is ridiculous.

The reason why I am reprimanding men so much on this is that the most slander stems from men. It is funny how in search for their manhood and validation (men) will always blame the nearest transgressor to elevate themselves. It all goes back to the religious story of how Eve betrayed the entirety of humanity by offering the forbidden fruit to Adam as if he did not have the discretion and enough loyalty to decline and advise her to discard of it. Ridiculous! It’s not your fellow gay men, the so-called hoes or your nagging girlfriend that caused you to fall – it is you.

I have met gay men in my life and they have always been the most flamboyant yet most honest, caring, brave, ambitious and non-judgmental people. A few people have dubbed me a feminist which actually infuriates me greatly because I don’t subscribe to any religion or school of thought – I am a spiritual person who believes in God and the potential of each person as well as in freedom. Feminism is a theory and a religion – I am far too rebellious to belong to any theory/religion.

All I ask is that we refrain from labelling and judging people. I myself have been a victim of labels and I feel sorry for the people that are out there to bottle, can, label and market certain individuals in order to validate themselves as a stronger, wiser or even better breed.

Shift the focus to yourself and becoming your own better version and that will inspire others to become their better version too.

Halt. Its introspection Time again.

Have a phenomenal Sunday and great week ahead. Next month is international woman’s month. My focus will solely be on phenomenal females.


Stay Committed & I look forward to your opinions.