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Gay Pride & Bravado

I immediately lose respect for a man who makes it a point to bash homosexual men. What point are you really trying to make? Does it make you feel like a better man by slandering men that have been brave enough to stand in the cold and painful gust of society’s judgments and religion’s doctrine and admit that they are who they are and proud?

I am not gay nor am I man but I respect people who are honest enough to be what and who they are and stay true to that amidst even the toughest judgments. Speak to depressed patients, abused people, divorcees, people who have lost their jobs from speaking the truth or being gay! etc. Can we get Edward Snowden’s opinion on this actually? It really isn’t easy to stand by your truth in a world that’s highly superficial and judgmental.

And so I ask myself what gives us the right to decide what standards someone has to live their lives by when we struggle to maintain our own routines and values? If we are to get into a “religious debate” then please dedicate your life to one of celibacy, non-judgment, unconditional love and giving, Godly devotion and utter perfection before you give your opinion. If we are going to slander gay men because it is “a sin” then by all means let’s, but can this judgment be ruled by the purest person on this earth? The one who has not committed even one sin? It is ridiculous.

The reason why I am reprimanding men so much on this is that the most slander stems from men. It is funny how in search for their manhood and validation (men) will always blame the nearest transgressor to elevate themselves. It all goes back to the religious story of how Eve betrayed the entirety of humanity by offering the forbidden fruit to Adam as if he did not have the discretion and enough loyalty to decline and advise her to discard of it. Ridiculous! It’s not your fellow gay men, the so-called hoes or your nagging girlfriend that caused you to fall – it is you.

I have met gay men in my life and they have always been the most flamboyant yet most honest, caring, brave, ambitious and non-judgmental people. A few people have dubbed me a feminist which actually infuriates me greatly because I don’t subscribe to any religion or school of thought – I am a spiritual person who believes in God and the potential of each person as well as in freedom. Feminism is a theory and a religion – I am far too rebellious to belong to any theory/religion.

All I ask is that we refrain from labelling and judging people. I myself have been a victim of labels and I feel sorry for the people that are out there to bottle, can, label and market certain individuals in order to validate themselves as a stronger, wiser or even better breed.

Shift the focus to yourself and becoming your own better version and that will inspire others to become their better version too.

Halt. Its introspection Time again.

Have a phenomenal Sunday and great week ahead. Next month is international woman’s month. My focus will solely be on phenomenal females.


Stay Committed & I look forward to your opinions.


Hard Hearts & Soft Minds

Firstly, I do apologize for the inconsistency in my posts & I appreciate every one who has subscribed to my blog 😀 thank you, receiving that email every time you press “follow” makes me want to write every day & make a difference in some way in your hearts/minds.

I really value routine and order but applying it here, I’d have to suppress an idea when it wants to be born and have to draft it & stare at it for days till I’m “allowed” to post it or simply post something mundane because I HAVE to post something. So, there’s a time & place for rules and order, and unfortunately my blog is linked to my thoughts so really, order cannot reside here. 🙂

I posted a discussion last year on healing titled: Becoming That Which We Have Killed. Basically I discussed what happens when we don’t forgive the monsters we conquer. I want to discuss again, another result of not forgiving ourselves and those that we disagree with on our life path. “Disagreement”, covering a multitude of sins such as “betrayal”, “judgment”, “hurt” and their cousins…

There is a bitter residue that pain leaves. It leaves resentment, it leaves scars. It leaves a lot of ugly slime that needs to be cleaned away. The predicament always arises when one tries to figure out ‘how’ to clean up the mess life has made of you. So quite often, we will cover it up with a pretty carpet and pretend that somehow science will allow it to vanish through reverse osmosis (or some beautiful reaction) back into the ground.

The result though is usually quite far from that. We will either become what we are trying to fight off or we will simply carry the hurt and become enslaved to it and it will change us.

Something that will surely shock anyone who has read half of my blog posts, tweets, facebook updates is that I too, struggle with cleaning up the mess. So even though I seem quite ‘clued-up’ on the process: I internalize a lot of things. So that’s been my tiny project lately: an internal clean up because at some really naïve point in my life I decided that the minute I am hurt I will become hard. I thought: I will harden my heart & dismiss every “weak emotion” that even dares to come up. Not a smart theory, Socrates should’ve warned me about this in one of his theories.

So, in the process all that happens is that your brain becomes soft. As you harden your heart & build concrete walls around your soul, you leave your mind barren & confused because it is really unnatural. It relates quite closely to the phrase: “hurt people hurt people.”

Hurt people, hurt other people because they are weak. They have not cleaned up the mess in their hearts & so they walk around with false bravado. It really is a scary philosophy that we follow as human beings: celebrating steel-walls of human beings & labeling them as ‘strong’ and, mocking the fragile people that DARE to even shed a tear, when the latter are ultimately the strongest of our Human species.

So what does one have to do: Confront the hurt. Stand up to the pain. Release the resentment & be real with yourself. Soften your heart & reinforce your mind because ultimately, strength is seen through humility and forgiveness. Also, be gentle on yourself because it takes time but also be firm because it shouldn’t turn into a pity party.

The strongest people that I have come across in life are the one’s with the most forgiving and beautiful hearts: 🙂 and they know who they are, one is my gorgeous friend who has a blog titled “Daughter of A King” you will find it in my “blogs I follow” section. If you’re a single mom or even just a woman in need of guidance on forgiving & healing through God’s word, I’d urge you to read it.

I learn so much from the graceful people that are around me. I’m grateful for that.

QUOTE: “The stronger you become, the gentler you will be.”

Life is Amazing,Stay Committed.


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